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Walking Tour - City of Athens

Athens Walking Sightseeing Private Tours - Private half & full Day Tours in Athens Greece

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Building accounts that lists the payments of the laborers who had participated in the construction works of the Erechtheion temple (IG I3 476, EM 6667) 408/7 BCCommence your tour by visiting the brand new Acropolis museum, built to house the masterpieces unearthed on and around the Acropolis hill. Find out what Athens looked like millennia ago and of course you will have the chance to admire the world famous Parthenon statues accommodated in a room especially built for their exposition. (approximately:1,5 hrs)

AcropolisContinue with a must-visit tour of the Acropolis, the heart of both the ancient and modern city of Athens, where you will have the chance to admire worldwide famous ancient Greek monuments such as the Parthenon and the Erectheion. Enjoy a spectacular view of the huge modern city spreading all around the hill and feel the atmosphere of the place where goddess Athena was worshiped. (approx. :2 hrs)

Ancient AgoraBy using the very same ticket visit the ancient Agora, the administrative center of ancient Athens as well as the market place. Find out how democracy was born in the place where Socrates and Plato hung out, in a site full of trees of typical greek flora. (approx. 1-1,5 hrs)

Plaka, AthensContinue your tour by walking through the busy and noisy streets of Monastiraki, the modern flee market of the city, where the locals enjoy their souvlaki (or gyros) sandwich after shopping. Walk past the imposing Hadrian's library facade in order to enter Plaka, the historic and tourist district of Athens, full of tavernas (local restaurants), cafes and tourist shops.Walk by the most impressive surviving sponsor's monument of the late 4th b.C in order to reach the archaeological site of Olympieion, where the temple of Olympian Zeus is located (the same ticket is valid, approx.: 20 min.)

Plaka, AthensAt the termination of your visit walk through the National gardens, stop to take a picture in front of the beautiful neoclassical Zappion building and after a 10 minute walk reach the Panathenaikon stadium, where the first modern Olympics were held. Walk across the Herode Atticus street, full of elegant apartment buildings, and stop for a minute in front of the neoclassical and elegant Greek President's mansion, guarded by the Evzones (presidential guards). Walk past the Prime Minister's office and conclude your tour by visiting the Greek House of Parliament, where every hour the change of the presidential guards takes place.

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