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General info about Volos in Greece

Volos travel - vacation in Volos - information for Volos Greece

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Volos - Greece vacations

Volos, at the top of the Pagasitic Gulf, is a busy, modern city seen by tourists as a hub for the Sporades and the Pelion Peninsula. The town has a young and vibrant feel to it with modern buildings. The town was completely rebuilt after an earthquake in 1955, giving it its modern feel. It is also home to the University of Thessaly and a large university population. The port services ferries to the Sporades and the base of the Pelion Peninsula.

The busy waterfront is home to some of the best ouzeries in Greece. Ouzeries are the Greek equivalent of Spainís tapas bars, where you can purchase small tasty plates of food called mezedes and with a glass of ouzo. Volos is also very good for shopping, the wide streets perfect for browsing through the traderís windows. There is also a fantastic archaeological museum in the city.

In history, Volos was known as Iolkos, the place from which Jason and the Argonauts set sail. The Pelion Peninsula, to the South of Volos, is the traditional home of the centaur, the mythical half man, half horse, that terrorised the ancient population. Now, the Peilion Peninsula is home to some wonderful beaches, dramatic mountains and unique cuisine. As the Ottoman Empire found the region inaccessible, many traditions from centuries back have endured.

The Peninsula is best discovered by car, as the winding, mountainous roads have few bus services, and those that run do not connect all the towns. There are plenty of traditional villages to explore with their white washed walls, little churches, town squares, fountains and cobbled streets. There are plenty of good beaches found on the peninsula too. In the winter, the ski resort of Agriolefkes opens for downhill and cross country skiing.

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