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General info about Milos in Greece

Information on Milos, Greece - Vacations and Holiday Packages to Milos

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Milos - Greece vacations

Milos is found in the south west of the Cyclades Islands and is often overlooked by tourists, mainly because of its tucked away location. There is much to offer the modern tourist including pleasant views, archaeological sites and some of the most colourful scenery in the Cyclades. The dramatic coastline, with its oddly shaped rocks, wonderful beaches and places of interest make it a worthwhile place to visit.

The most famous identity to come from the island is the statue, the Venus de Milo, the beautiful, armless sculpture of a woman, now housed in the Louvre Museum. Found on the island by a farmer in 1820, the world’s most famous statue was transported to Paris, losing its arms along the way. The island is known for its quarries, obsidian being the most mined mineral on the island. Today many of the permanent population are involved in the mining that still takes place.

Milos, like Santorini, is an old volcano. Although the scenery is nowhere near as dramatic as that found on its more reknown neighbour, the island has many of the characteristics of the ancient volcano, the caldera allowing for the port, and the formation of the shape of Milos Bay. Adamas, also known as Adamantas, is the main town on the island, even though Plaka, up the hill from the port, is the capital of the island. Adamas is a good place to stay for those wanting connections around the island.

Plaka, five kilometres up the hill from Adamas is build around a Venetian Kastro, and like many other Cyclades towns, whitewashed houses line the narrow, winding lanes. For those with an afternoon to spare, it is a wonderful place to lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets, taking in the peaceful atmosphere, finishing the night with one of the sunsets which are best seen from the top of the hill. Plaka also has a very good Archaeological Museum. There are Roman ruins and catacombs near the town that are required viewing for any visitor. These ruins date back to the first century and are some of the only Roman ruins and catacombs in Greece.

Around the island, there are many towns to be visited and beaches to be enjoyed. There are also a number of rock formations unlike any others in the world. The Akradies Islands to the north, Pollonia to the east and Kleftiko to the south are just some of the area with amazing, colourful displays of nature. Some of these can only be visited by boat, but the stunning scenery should be visited regardless of whether you have an interest in geology.

To the north of Milos is Kimilos, a small island that can be visited on a day trip from Milos. Regular ferries service the island from Adamas. In the centre of the island is the fortress of Paleokastro that offers wonderful views of Milos and the Mirtoon Sea.

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