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General info about Tolo in Greece

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Tolo - Greece vacations

Tolo, on the Argolis coast, is another popular resort town frequented by the Greeks looking to escape the city heat. Its pristine beaches, great nightlife, water sports, fishing and friendly atmosphere make it a perfect holiday destination.
Once a fishing village, Tolo was mentioned by the poet Homer as a port used in the Trojan Wars. The town has been invaded by various nations over the centuries the varying influence of the invaders is seen about the town and the district. Since the 1830's Tolo has had an important part in Modern Greek history, as it served as a refuge to those fleeing Crete during the war.
With its location being so close to Athens, Tolo, like Nafplion and Porto Heli, are very popular with many as a weekend holiday location. The town offers more than its astounding views of the bay. For those interested in history, the town is very close to Ancient Asini where the remains of an Acropolis, Mycenaean tombs, Roman baths and Venetian fortifications are there to be explored.

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