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General info about Thassos in Greece

Thassos travel - vacation in Thassos - information for Thassos Greece

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Thassos - Greece vacations

Thassos is the most northern of the Northern Aegean Islands, close to the city of Kavala on the northern mainland. Thickly forested, tourist-friendly and quieter than the other islands in the group, it is known as the Greek emerald isle. Itís a fantastic place to take in the mountain views, enjoy the sandy beaches and archaeological sites that are found in abundance. Unlike many other Greek Islands, it isnít over run by package tourism, so much of its charm has been retained.

The island has been populated since the Stone Age, and it was once a site for gold mining. Over the years it has been an important trading place, dealing in timber, marble, gold and wine, In more recent times Ďblack goldí, oil, has been found in the seas around the island.

Today, Thassos has are two ports, Limenas, or Thasos Town as it is sometimes known, is the main town and port on the island. Built on the original site of the historic town, a wander around the village shows a number of ancient ruins on display. There is a theatre in a wooded area on the hill behind the town the remains of the islandís acropolis are signposted from the small harbour. Limenas also has a good archaeological museum and a drama festival running from late July to early August. There are a number of good restaurants and tavernas near the port

Thasosís main appeal is its unspoiled charm. Out of the town and into the hills the forested areas are easily accessible. The island is best explored by car or motorbike, as the route around the island is over 100 kilometres. Part of the charm of discovering the island is visiting the towns and fishing villages along the way. Venturing onto the mountain, visitors can find serenity in the hills, along with a number of ancient sites, as well as the wonderful calming scent of the pine forests and thyme crops.

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