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General info about Symi in Greece

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Symi - Greece vacations

Symi, in the Marmaris Straits, is the Greek island closest to Turkey. Itís a quiet island with a long history of sponge diving and ship building. Today, it receives many visitors from nearby Rhodes, visitors looking to explore this peaceful and mountainous enclave rich in culture. The island is also mentioned in the Iliad as the home of King Nireus.

The main town sits in the islandís natural harbour. Itís divided into two parts, Gialos, the harbour, and Horio, on the hill, which ends at castle built by the Knights Templar Ė a castle that incorporates blocks of the acropolis, which used to stand on the site.

Symiís winding narrow lanes and splendid, yet ruined arches are a joy to wander. Symi Town is a Greek national treasure, with impressive 19th century mansions lining the lower town. Many of these mansions are merely shells, but they indicate the wealth and power that was once a part of this island. Unlike many other island towns, all concrete and whitewash, Symi glows with the pastels of the neoclassic era.

Around the island, there are good beaches, many of which can only be accessed by boat. There is also a spiritual side to the island, with many churches and monasteries, which beg exploration. The most important of these is the Monastery of Michael of Panormitis. Built in 450 AD, itís still inhabited by monks, and is complete with stunning icons and frescoes. The site is the place where St Michael allegedly appeared. St Michael is the patron saint of sailors.

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