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General info about Spetses in Greece

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Spetses - Greece vacations

Spetses is an island found at the bottom of the Argolis peninsula. Once known for its pine trees, it is the island furthest away from Athens in the Saronic group and is a place well known for its shipbuilding. A walk along the sprawling waterfront, and the old port known as the Dapia shows evidence of this, with boats in various states of assembly lining the shore.

Spetses Town shows proof of the islands seafaring history – indeed during the War of Independence, Spetses provided many ships for the cause. The main town is a mix of its heritage and modern, bustling port, but there are fewer historical sites as the island was uninhabited for centuries until the time of the Venetians. The area around the Dapia has buildings and streets reminiscent of these times. There is a museum at the top of the town dedicated to folklore and ships’ figureheads.

Good beaches are dotted around the island, and are best accessed by scooter. The beaches at Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anagyri are very good, but also very popular. Smaller, tree lined beaches which are smaller and quieter can be found by taking the road around the island and searching for your own patch of paradise.

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