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General info about Skopelos in Greece

Skopelos Vacation : Information on Skopelos island, Greece

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Skopelos - Greece vacations

Skopelos is the largest island in the Sporades and it provides a more traditional view of Greek Island life. Known as the greenest of all the Greek Islands, this hilly island, covered in trees, vineyards and orchards had plenty to offer tourists. Unlike the more popular Skiathos, Skopelos has maintained a more traditional approach.

There are two main towns on the island. Skopelos Town, in the South, provides the island’s main port. The town is breathtakingly beautiful, the houses that surround the port appear to tumble down the hills, their red and blue roofs are in stark relief with the white walls, the town ending majestically on the side of a cliff. The town’s narrow streets should be explored on foot, the town’s beauty magnified in the winding, hilly, whitewashed laneways.

Glossa, in the island’s north, is Skopelos’ second port and the town, which nestles on top of the hill maintains much of its traditional charm, although it is much quieter than Skiathos Town. Both towns have good access to the beaches and the sites across the island.

Skopelos produced a major archaeological find in the 1930s, when many gold treasures the tomb of a Minoan ruler were discovered in a cave. The history if the island is now marked by the many monasteries that mark the landscape. In particular, the Byzantine church of St Riginos is a remarkable example of architecture. Most of the other monasteries give stunning views of the island and the Aegean Sea. Moni Evangelismou on the outskirts of the town has some wonderful icons on display.

The beaches around the island are mainly to the South, and are accessed by the island’s bus system. Many beaches are at the end of long and winding paths, and often they are pebbly. Limnonari Beach, one of the few sandy beaches, is accessed by boat.

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