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Skiathos, Greece

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Skiathos - Greece vacations

Skiathos is all about sea and sand. The smallest island of the Sporades group is blessed with over sixty beaches, all with golden sand and warm water. This beach culture, sunshine and water sports makes it a very popular European holiday destination. In addition, itís known for its clubs, bars and tavernas, all of which cater for tourists.

The popularity of Skiathos should not put off the more inquisitive traveller as there is plenty to do away from the busy beaches and discos. With some searching, quieter beaches can be discovered and there is lots of history and culture to be explored. Skiathos is a green, well forested island, which only adds to its charm.

Skiathos Town is the only settlement on the island and its distinctive whitewashed houses with their red roofs line the hills surrounding the ports. There are two ports in the town, the smaller and quainter Old Port, and on the other side of the Bourzi, in the middle of the harbour, the new port. The Bourzi is similar to the more famous one found in Napflio.

Mythologically, Skiathos was a place where Xerxes ship was damaged in a storm. In 200 BC, Philip of Macedon had the city destroyed. In the Middle Ages the island was over run by pirates. Monks settled on the island in 1704 and build a monastery at Evangelistrias, and used for a hideout for the rebels in the War of Independence. The monastery is in a beautiful setting among cypress trees shows another side to island life.

The Kastro, on the islandís north shore is the most striking of the sights on the island. Built as a stronghold against the pirates it remained a sanctuary from 1540 to 1829. Now in ruins and accessable by a drawbridge, the Kastro provides fantastic views of the mainland and insight of life in a citadel.

With so many tourists heading for Skiathos, the facilities are excellent. Buses run regularly all over the island and taxis are inexpensive compared to many other places. Skiathos is also a place to investigate world cuisine. If itís traditional Greek food you are looking for, look for the smaller places near the port for the freshest authentic dishes.

Skiathos has plenty to offer every type of tourist from the beach lovers those after a five star experience. Its reputation as a European resort island should not distract the independent traveller from discovering its beauty.

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