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General info about Sifnos in Greece

Sifnos travel - vacation in Sifnos - information for Sifnos Greece

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Sifnos - Greece vacations

Sifnos is tucked in between the more visited islands of Milos and Paros in the Cyclades Islands, and on first appearance at the port, there seems little to offer tourists, the bare, almost moonlike landscape warning visitors away. Beyond the port, the glory of the islandís true nature is experienced, with its surprisingly lush interior, olive groves and whitewashed towns. Away from the crowds and the trappings of mass tourism, the wonders of the real Cyclades are there to be enjoyed.

The island was known for its gold and silver mines in ancient times, and Herodotos mentions the island in his histories. Though the ages, the island has been over run by pirates and invaders from the crusaders to the Turks. It became a part of the Greek revolution in 1821 and has been a part of the Greek nation ever since. Now, Sifnos is best known for itís olive oil and the chefs that hail from the island. The ceramics and pottery made here is some of the finest in Greece.

Apollonia is the main town on the island, five kilometres uphill from the port of Kamares. The town is made up of a number of small villages and a consequence of this is the number of churches found here. Indeed, there are a total of 365 churches on the whole of this small island, some large, some small, culminating in the Moni Hrysopigis in the cliff face in the islands south.

The village of Kastro, on the coast and to the east of Apollonia shows the very best of the Cyclades. Narrow winding streets, small houses and ancient ruins in the streets looking over a sandy cove and to the island of Paros, visitors can only wonder at its beauty and let their imaginations run wild.

Sifnos is the perfect island for those looking for a quiet alternative in the Cyclades. It is great for families with children, romantics, and those waiting a truly authentic Greek experience.

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