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General info about Serifos in Greece

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Serifos - Greece vacations

Serifos, one of the smaller and lesser known of the Cyclades Islands, recognised for its iron and its role in history. As an mining island it produced iron. Mythology recognises Serifos as the home of Perseus and the Cyclops. As a place to visit, it is a good alternative to some of the busier, more tourist-laden islands of the group, with its wonderful beaches, great food and quaint towns.

Livadi is the main port found on the south of the island in a small gulf. The port doesn’t give a good indication of the beauty ofSerifos, its busy waterfront is home to a lot of the island’s tourist facilities. Just up the hill from port is the Hora, one of the Cyclades’ most striking towns. Hora’s maze of wandering laneways and white washed houses descend the hill to a ruined Venetian fortress, which overlooks the bay below, affording visitors spectacular views of the island. The town also has a number of beautiful chapels and an extensive archaeological museum.

Around the island, there are many good beaches, each with its own special charm. The rocky outcrops of the coast make way for a greener interior, where crops of figs, grapes and tomatoes are grown. The towns away from Livadi and Hora give an indication of how life in the Cyclades used to be.

Serifos is not the place to go if you are looking to go clubbing or partying. Instead, you can spend your evenings in one of the restaurants, which provide some of the best food in the Cyclades, or spend your time in one of the seaside tavernas, relaxing and enjoying the hospitality. The baklava and other pastries are the island’s specialities, and wonderful if you have a sweet tooth.

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