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General info about Samos in Greece

Samos travel - vacation in Samos - information for Samos Greece

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Samos - Greece vacations

Samos is the most southerly of the Northern Aegean islands and sits very close to the Turkish coast separated only by the narrow Mykale Straight. Known for its resorts, itís one of the most visited of this group of islands, but it there is more to the island than busy tourist areas and souvenir shops. Away from the beaches, the flora and fauna of the island are amazing, the island is known around the world for its orchids and jasmine. The island also grows muscat grapes and makes some wonderful wines.

Historically, Samos was the birthplace of Pythagoras, founder of the modern mathematics. It was also home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Sanctuary of Hera. Polycrates, a tyrant who ruled Samos in the 6th century BC had a philosophy of the bigger the better, and examples of the sculpture and art of the times are found in the archaeological museum in the town. In particular, one of the kouroi from the Hereon is on display, over four metres in height, it is a marvel that only hints at the greatness of the sanctuary when it was standing.

Samos Town is also known as Vathy, is a sprawling port town, as beautiful as it is busy. It is a popular place for tourists to gather, but as with most other port towns, the real finds are behind the port, and the part of the town known as Ano Vathy is particularly beautiful. There are many old mansions in the area in various states of repair, and distinctive red brick houses. There is also a wine festival in the town in late July, early August.

There are three ports on the island. Other than Vathy, there are commercial ports at Karlovasi in the north, and Pythagorio to the south near the airport. Pythagorio is more touristy than Vathy, build on the site of what used to be the capital of the island in ancient times. It is close to the archaeological site of the Hereon and some of the best beaches on the island. Pythagorio is also near the other wonder of Samos, the Evpalinos Tunnel. Built in the 5th Century BC, the tunnel is over a kilometre long and on two levels, allowing for water to come down from the mountains. The tunnel is not recommended for those who are very tall or claustrophobic, but they stand as an example of the brilliance of the ancient engineers.

Around the rest of the island, there are many beautiful churches and beaches there for discovery. Although mass tourism has come to the island, it is large enough to cater for this, and quiet, unspoiled areas are there in abundance, the green hills and humid climate make it a wonderful place to relax.

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