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General info about Pylos in Greece

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Pylos - Greece vacations

Pylos, on the edge of the Ionian Sea, was the city formerly known as Navarino. The town’s beautiful natural harbour, once home to a large battle during the War of Independence is now a haven in Messinia for those wanting to get away from the regular tourist track and see the best that Greece has to offer.

Built on a hill, the history of the town is on display. The castles at either end of the harbour overlook the modern town. Across the harbour is the island of Sfaktiria, which may be visited as a day trip.

Pylos is home to two castles. The Paleokastro to the North is not in very good condition, while the Neo Kastro, to the South of the harbour is in a better state and demonstrates the town’s long defensive history. The castle was used as a jail until early last century. Now the citadels and dungeons are open to the public. There is also a museum in Pylos town that also holds important Mycenaean artefacts.

The most important site near Pylos is Nestor’s Palace. In the Odyssey, it was at Pylos that Telemachus, son of Odysseus, came to ask Nestor as to the whereabouts of his father. The palace is one of the best preserved Mycenaean sites in Greece and a must see for anybody interested in history, mythology and archaeology. The museum at Chora, on the way to the palace, displays some important finds including some Linear B tablets, the written language, a precursor to Modern Greek, that helped lead to the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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