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General info about Preveza in Greece

Preveza travel - vacation in Preveza - information for Preveza Greece

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Preveza - Greece vacations

Preveza is the capital of the Preveza prefecture, and a town popular with the Greeks and European holidaymakers. Situated on the Adriatic Sea at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf, it is a destination used as a hub for visitors to Northern Greece with its proximity to the resorts of Parga, the island of Lefkada and the archaeological site of Aktion.

Unlike many other seaside towns, it keeps much of its original charm, refusing to change for mass tourism. There are many great beaches near the town, and plenty of places for visitors to explore. In July, the town hosts a choral festival, and in the following month there is a festival dedicated to the sardine. The new tunnel joining Preveza and Aktion is one of the modern engineering marvels of Greece.

The town is a marvellous place to wander, with its narrow, winding, pedestrian only streets and aging buildings. Over time, the Venetians, French and Turks occupied Preveza before it became a part of the Greek nation, and the varied influences are seen in the town. The Kastro, near the sea front, has some stunning reliefs on the outer walls, and St George’s Castle and the Pantokrator, to the south, are wonderful examples of Turkish engineering, both well worth a visit.

Across the narrow gulf is Aktion, and to the north is Nikopolis, the site of the Battle of Actium, where Octavius defeated Antony and Cleopatra. What was once a mighty fortress is now in ruins, but the Byzantine walls and the theatre remain today, as well as evidence of Roman baths and an aqueduct. The museum on the site has many artefacts from the period. Nikopolis is a must see for anybody interested in archaeology, mythology and history.

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