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General info about Poros in Greece

Poros travel - vacation in Poros - information for Poros Greece

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Poros - Greece vacations

Poros is separated from the mainland by a slender channel that is 360 metres wide at its narrowest point. The island, made up of two smaller islands, Sferia, where Poros town is situated, and Kalavaria, a tree filled expanse of hills to the north of the town. Poros town is the only settlement on the island and is another popular place for Athenians to spend weekends.

The main town in built into the hill and has many fine examples of neoclassic architecture. The most noteworthy modern building in the town is the clock tower, a local meeting place, with its blue dome that looks over the port.

There are some good beaches on the islandís southern coast out of the town, but the islandís main attraction is its proximity to the Peloponnesian mainland. It is a good base to explore the wonders of Ancient Troizen and Epidaurus.

Poros has a fascinating monastery, Moni Zoodohou Pigis, which contains some beautiful examples of icons from Asia Minor. In the centre of the island are the remains of the Temple of Poseidon, worth a visit just for the views of the Peloponnese and the Saronic Gulf. For those interested in history, the temple is the site of the demise of Demosthenes in 322 BC.

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