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Info on Pelion - Greece

Pelion Travel - Vacation & Holiday Packages in Pelion - Information on Pelion Greece

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Pelion - Greece vacations

The Pelion Penisula is one of the most naturally beautiful and diverse areas of Greece, situated on the western Aegean sea and enclosing the Pagasitic Gulf. Known as the playground of the Gods and the traditional home of the centaurs, the peninsula has mountains, beaches, quiet villages and winding roads, lush valleys and other natural wonders, set in a quiet, rustic setting. Pelion is for those who want to see Greece at its traditional and rustic best.

You will need a car to explore the region to its fullest potential, as there are only limited bus and train services to the region out of the town of Volos. There are nearly thirty villages to explore, many of which are for pedestrians only. The modern tourist can wander at the village of Makrynitsa, with its three story houses and cobbled streets. Tsangarada reportedly has the oldest plane tree in Greece. The plane trees, all twisted and mysterious, are a feature of the region.

The peninsula's beaches are stunning and a lot less crowded that those found in the more popular resorts. Around the villages of Horio, Milies and Platanias all have wonderful beaches to add to the cultural and rural setting.

Pelion's other claim to fame is its skiing fields to the east of the city of Volos. In winter months, there are a number of skiing fields, including the Agriolefkes fields, which were the first commercial skiing fields in Greece. Because of the mountainous terrain, care needs be taken when driving around the region, the narrow and winding roads are perilous at the best of times.

There is also a great food culture in the region, with many traditional dishes there for sampling, including fasolada, or bean soup, and cheese bread, the regional specialities. Also, being an agricultural area, the peninsula has some of the freshest and finest produce found in the country.

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