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General info about Patra in Greece

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Patra - Greece vacations

Patra, at the top of the Peloponnese, is often the first stop for those coming to Greece by the ferry from Italy. As the capital of Achaia, Greece’s third largest city is also the country’s second largest port. Seen more as a place to change from the ferry to a bus or train, it’s a city rarely explored by tourists.

The city was all but destroyed by the Turks in the War of Independence, after which Patras was rebuilt in its modern form with its wide streets, large squares and ornate buildings. The view from the hills shows Patra at its best. The Venetian built Kastro at the top of the hills, affords views of Zakynthos and Keffalonia from across the Patras Gulf.

With its position on the Ionian Sea, its importance to the region is undisputed. As a city, it is the home to three universities and many regional government offices. Over the last decade, the city has started to be restored to its original grandeur.

Patras’ expansive history is fascinating. There has been a town on the site for well over 2000 years. Patras is the site of the martyrdom of St Andrew, and the church built in his honour is well worth a visit. The Vatican has recently restored relics afforded to the saint back to the city.

The city has always been in the centre of the Peloponnese’s vast history, and dedicated history and archaeology buffs will find much to keep them occupied. The Patras Arts festival runs from July to September and attracts musical, theatrical and artistic events.

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