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Patmos Vacation, Holiday vacation packages in Patmos - Info on Patmos Greece

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Patmos - Dodecanese islands

Patmos is as much an island for sun lovers as it is for modern day pilgrims. The island is the site on which St John wrote the Book of Revelations found in the bible and consequently, there is plenty to keep history and architecture fans happy for days. The most western island of the group, it also has some of the best beaches of the Dodecanese Archipelago. The history of the island pivots around its biblical ties to the island. Banished from Ephesus, St John came to the island in 93AD with many exiles and Patmos was used as an exile island during the time of Emperor Domitian. At the turn of the first millennium, the monastery was begun, and over the years, became the monastery fortress it is today. It became a freestanding monastic state in the middle ages, and because of this, it was able to withstand the oppression of the Turks.

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Skala, the main town and the islandís port, is situated in the middle of the eastern coast, the castle dominating the hill behind it. The town is cosmopolitan and busy and possibly not as attractive as other island towns, but it has many restaurants, bars and tavernas to help restore the traveller. Skala is a good base for looking around the island another islands in the Dodecanese. As tourism is beginning to become more popular in the island, most of the resorts are further out, making the most of the many safe and sandy beaches dotted around the island. Both the Monastery of St John the Theologian and the Monastery of the Apocalypse are essential viewing, in particular the Cave of St John. Both places are deeply spiritual, decorated with superb frescoes, and the museum exhibits some of the priceless reliquary on display.
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