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Paros Island, Greece

Information on Paros, Greece - Vacations and Holiday Honeymoon Packages to Paros

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Paros is the quintessential Greek Island, with its wonderful beaches, green rolling hills, friendly atmosphere and beautiful towns. It's the perfect Cycladic island for those looking for fun without the massive, partying crowds, a place where families can relax, and those looking to camp, walk or just kick back can go without the noisy throng looking for a constant excitement.

The island known for its windmills, marble and friendly atmosphere is seen as the perfect foil for the non-stop party atmosphere on the neighbouring islands. Coming into the port of Parikia on the island's capital is often a calm, peaceful experience, with the expansive port and beaches nearby, the holiday atmosphere is apparent immediately. Up the hill from the port, there is a Venetian Kastro and old quarter that is a lovely to roam around, taking in the whitewashed houses, narrow streets and bright flowers that decorate the area.

Parikia is home to one of the most splendid churches in the Cyclades. Our Lady of the Hundred Gates is three churches combined into one, and is a stunning example of Byzantine art and architecture. There are only ninety-nine doors to be counted in the church, with tradition saying that when the hundredth is found, Constantinople will return to Greece. The reliefs, mosaics, the marble and the dome are a marvel to be explored, and there is a good archaeological museum behind it, with explains more of the history of this amazing site.

Around the island, there are many activities to keep the most energetic of tourists occupied. Beaches and water sports are very well catered for around the island, and there are numerous places where visitors can obtain their scuba certifications. There are many fantastic beaches around the island for the sun lovers. The fishing village of Naoussa is a charming place to go to see the island at its tradition seafaring best. Inland, there are many villages, wineries and monasteries to explore.

Paros is an island of variety, and there are many unexpected tours and activities to discover. At Petaloudes, or the Valley of the Butterflies, situated in the island's west, butterflies are abundant in the summer months and tours are available from Parikia and Naoussa, a must for any nature lovers. At Marathi, in the centre, the island's marble quarries are on display, now abandoned, the site may be explored by torchlight.

An afternoon boat trip to Antiparos, half an hour by boat from Parikia to the west of the main island is another good way to spend time. Very few people live on the island but it is becoming more popular with European holidaymakerss. The highlight of the tour of the island is a visit to the caves, a cathedral like in size that was once host to an orchestra for Christmas Mass. Visited by Lord Byron and many others in history; it is a site of literary pilgrimage as well as for the curious. For those visiting in summer, be aware that it is a steep thirty-minute walk to the cave from the boat landing, and good walking shoes and water are a necessity.

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