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General info about Leros in Greece

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Leros island - vacations in Greece

Leros in the north of the Dodecanese, has a chequered history, particularly in the eyes of the Greeks, as in the not too distant past, the island was home to a mental institution and a prison. The buildings in the main town have hard, military feel to them. Now, people do not have anything to fear about the island, which has plenty to offer the modern tourist. Itís gentle hills, safe bays and quiet nature make it a good place for families

Mentioned in the Iliad by Homer, Lerosí history, like the rest of the Dodecanese, is full of invasions, battles and takeovers. The Knights of St John occupied the island in the middle ages, and the land was handed over to the Italians in the early 20th century. In World War II the island suffered attacks from the British Air Force, and there is a war cemetery just north of Platanos, the islandís capital.

Unlike other islands, the islandís main port is across the land at Lakki, and itís a short trip over the hills to Platanos. Another feature of Leros is the many bays found dotted around the island. It is as if the sea turns into lakes, so warm and calm are the waters, surrounded by rolling, green hills.

Platanos most obvious feature after its small port is the massive castle at the top of the hill. The castle dates back to the 11th Century when it was originally the stronghold of the Knights of St John. There are nearly 400 steps up to the top of the Kastro, but for the less athletic, the castle can be reached by road. There is a museum on the site as well as an ancient church. Also in Platanos is the cathedral dedicated to Agios Paraskevi.

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