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General info about Lefkada in Greece

Lefkada travel - vacation in Lefkada - information for Lefkada Greece

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Lefkada island - Greece vacations

Lefkada is so close to the mainland that it is joined to it by a causeway attaching it to near the town of Preveza on Greece's west coast. In ancient times, a tunnel spanned the straight, dug by the Corinthians in the eighth century BC. Like the rest of the Ionian Islands, Lefkada is green and mountainous, and its population is very proud of the island, its agriculture and its traditions. Indeed, the older women of the island can still be seen wearing traditional dress.

In history, the cliffs in the south at Cape Lefkada's are the site of the poet Sappho's suicide. Today, people flock to the cliffs to watch the dramatic sunsets that are said to be as spectacular as those seen on Santorini.

Lefkada Town is situated on the lagoon that makes up the strait between the island and the mainland. Earthquakes devastated the town in 1867 and 1948, and consequently the town has been rebuilt a number of times. The architecture is unique to the island, and houses have been built with their upper storeys made from corrugated iron, which is then painted, giving the town a distinctive feel.

The island has many good beaches and walking tracks as well as allowing people to visit the smaller islands surrounding it. Around the island are a number of small islets including Meganisi, a tranquil place popular with yacht skippers, and Skorpios, the island once owned by Aristotle Onassis, the billionaire shipping magnate. Ferries to Meganisi, and boats for hire to these islets are accessed from Nydri, on the east coast.

Tourists are well catered for on the island, with many package companies having resorts around the coast. Water sports, good beaches and hiking are available for those looking for a more active holiday.

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