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General info about Kythnos in Greece

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Kythnos island - Greece

Kythnos is an island close to the mainland and consequently a place often frequented by Athenians looking to get away from the heat of the city. It ‘s often seen as the most barren and the dullest of the Cyclades Islands, but it is also viewed as a quiet, traditional haven, away from the crowds, the bars and the parties as it attracts few foreign visitors. Whichever way you see the island, there is something special about the barren landscape and untouched nature of the place.

As few foreigners visit Kythnos, consequently, the there are few facilities for tourists. The port of Merihas found on the island’s west is quiet, sleepy town, with most of the accomodation and a good place to base yourself if you are staying on there for a few days. Kythnos Town, also known as the Hora, is found in the centre of the island, and is not as attractive as many other main town in the Cyclades. It does give good access to the town of Dryopida, a small quaint village to the south, with a plethora of red roofed houses and narrow, winding streets which dates back to before the Mycenaean Era.

The best beaches on Kythnos are found in the south-west and are best hunted out by boat or on foot. Kythnos is also a popular destination for those looking to sail, with its calm waters and gentle breezes. In 2002, there was a major archaeological find on the island, and an inner sanctum of a temple was uncovered, complete with gold and silver figurines. The island is also home to Greece’s first wind farm.

In history, the island was known as Thermia, and home to legendary hot springs. People would come from across the country to bathe in the potent thermal springs. In the town of Loutra, north of Hora, has a baths complex, where for a few euros, you can bathe in the waters which reputedly cure everything from rheumatism, arthritis to heart complaints.

It may not be the most vibrant of island, but Kythnos offers modern tourists a look at traditional Cyclades life and a quiet, ruggedly beautiful place to relax. The only advice most people give when going to Kythnos is to take a good book for something to do in the evening.

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