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General info about koufonisi in Greece

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koufonisi is a tiny group of islands to the south east of Naxos, quiet, serene and charming. Like hydra-island in the Sporades Islands, there is practically no traffic on the island making it a delightful hideaway, away from its busy neighbouring islands. There is no airport on the island so taking the ferry is the only way to get to this peaceful patch of the Cyclades Islands.

There are two islands that make up koufonisi, the northerly Pano Koufonisi where most of the tourism is centred and the location of the main port, and the more southerly island, Kato Koufonisi. A canal of 200 metres separates the two islands.

The main town around the harbour has a number of good bars and restaurants. The island is possibly best known for the wonderful scuba diving it offers visitors. The rising sea levels over the centuries has left some of the ancient town literally in the harbour, and there is evidence of Roman Baths in the port. To the north of the island are some remarkable sea caves that attract divers from all over the world.

The southern island is almost uninhabited, but there are boats that can take you down to its secluded beaches. Kato Koufonisi’s busiest day is on August 15, for the celebration of the Panagia, when celebrations take place at the church on the island, fishing boats ferrying people across the channel.

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