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General info about Kastoria in Greece

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Kastoria has the reputation of being the most beautiful city in northern Greece, set on a piece of land in the middle of a lake. Named after the beavers that used to be trapped for their fur in the surrounding lake, it was for centuries a refuge for Jewish furriers that sought refuge in the area. The beavers became extinct in the early 19th century, but the fur trade remained and associated businesses still flourish there – it is one of the main European centres for trading mink.

The location of the town only enhances its beauty, with the lake on both sides of the town and the surrounding mountains. It’s a good place to make as a base when looking to go trekking or discovering the mountains and lakes of the district.

The town is a wonder to explore, especially for those interested in architecture and history. There are many Byzantine churches and buildings to discover, some with external frescos to admire. The Byzantine Museum has a remarkable collection of icons collected from the local churches. One of the local mansions, known has arhontika, houses a folklore museum, and it allows a view into the amazing buildings that are found in the south of the city.

Walking along the shores of the lake is another necessary excursion while in Kastoria. The road on the southside of the city extends to a number of churches and monasteries, the oldest of which date back to the eleventh century. The road also gives nature lovers a look at the habitat of birds and animal species native to the area.

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