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General info about Karpathos in Greece

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Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese Archipelago, spectacular, rugged and quieter than many of the islands in the region. The island’s long history is documented back to the Trojan Wars, where the Karpathians fought the Spartans. Today, the island is starkly different to the rest of the Dodecanese. The island didn’t fall under the influence of the Knights of St John, and because of its remote location, much of the original culture has remained.

Karpathos Town, or Pigadia is on the east of the island, is a modern town, and serves as a good base to the rest of the island. Although not a particularly inspiring town, it has all the amenities that tourists need. The cliffs behind the town are only a hint of the beauty of the rest of the island.

Spectacular scenery is what Karpathos does best. Golden, sandy beaches may be found at the base of ragged cliffs, Kyria Panagia beach is an example of this, the stretch of beach at the foot of the rocks is one of the most photographed beaches in the country. Most of the beaches are accessible by car, however many are serviced by boats that travel up and down the coast.

The villages in Karpathos show a more traditional side to Greek culture. Barely touched by tourism, these towns are fascinating for gaining knowledge of traditional Greek life. Pyles, near the top of Mt Kali Limni is a lovely village with winding streets and large pastel houses. Finiki, on the western coast was a well-known fishing village; know becoming popular with European tourists. Fishermen of this town will take tourists to the ruined castle on Sokastro islet. There are also catacombs near this town for those needing a break from the beach.

Most remarkable of all is the village of Olymbos in the islands north. Steeped in tradition, this village has been an anthropological mystery for year. The residents of the village have lived a traditional life for centuries, the women, wearing colourful, unique robes used to be seen grinding corn and baking bread in wood fired ovens. The town is no longer a living museum, but vestiges of the old traditions remain.

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