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General info about Itea in Greece

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Itea is at the base of Mount Parnassos and located on the North shore of the Corinthan Gulf, giving access to the best of what the mainland has to offer. A relatively modern city it is close to the mountains it is well as being on the beach, which makes it a great location to use as a base when discovering the sights of Delphi and Mount Parnassos.

Being so close to the mountains, it’s the perfect place to stay when using the skiing fields at Mount Parnassos and the town is equipped for skiing tourism. In the summer, Itea provides accommodation for trekkers and those interested in archaeology with the ruins at Delphi so close by.

In the town, there are sights to be explored, including a medieval tower and a lighthouse in the town of Kirra a few kilometres down the road. The real drawcard to Itea is its proximity to Mount Parnassos.

The mountain is very important in Greek mythology, and numerous mentions are made of its steep slopes. It is the traditional home of the Muses. It is also important to the god Dionysus, a place where Orestes hid and the site where Pan had his cave. Today, it’s best known for its skiing fields and the remarkable views that it affords.

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