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Tours in Italy

Italy Tours - Luxury Italy Tours - Tours in Italy - Package Tours in Italy

With so many charming cities in just one country, a person could very easily choose an Italy tour with his or her eyes closed. You just can't go wrong- especially when you get Antelope Travel involved! We are the undisputed Aces of Italy Tours. Antelope Travel Italy Tours encompass every corner of this charming country. No matter what your interests, when you plan to travel or with whom, there is something wonderful for everyone on an exciting tour of Italy. We offer guided walking tours, cruises on the sea to nearby exotic islands and even a mountain climbing tour, and a surreal underground.

Whether you are interested in visiting Italy's fine museums, wandering its quaint, cobblestone streets and exploring its narrow, picturesque paths, or beholding its magnificent architecture by the sea, we have the Italy tours that will turn your dreams into reality. Wait until you see the sprawling spread of meticulously restored ruins which, in spite of its age, magnificently maintain the essence of better days.

Imagine drifting blissfully down a Venetian canal in one of the most striking boats in the world: the gondola. What better way to experience the city of Venice? Oh, the beautiful and historic sights you will see from the romantic vantage point of a gondola! And all while on your dream-tour of Italy!

Are you interested in castles? There are four stunning castles in the magical city of Naples. Other sights include the celebrated Duomo and the Gesu Nuovo Church. The old-style Neapolitan verve and hospitality awaits you. This Italy tour is the ultimate for shopping and sampling the many epicurean delights that Naples has to offer...including the most remarkably delicious pizza!

Let Antelope Travel arrange you tour to Italy in accordance with your interests, budget and time allotment. We do the planning and you do the relaxing!

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