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General info about Ioannina in Greece

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Ioannina is the capital of the Epirus province, an important commercial centre of the North and the perfect spot to stay when visiting the Vikos–Ooos National Park, Lake Pamvotis and other places in Greece’s north-west.

The city has an important place in history when it was a major centre for intellectual centre and it reached the height of its power during the reign of Ali Pasha. The Turkish influence in the old town is apparent, with the narrow lanes surrounded by Turkish buildings and two mosques within the old town walls. Ioannina is one of the few places on the Greek mainland that tourist can purchase hookah pipes. The city is also the place to buy silver, the silversmiths of the region are famous across the country. The silverwork often has a Turkish influence.

In the middle of Lake Pamvotis is a small island, which is home to a small number of families. There are no vehicles on the island and it gives tourists a view of traditional of Greek mountain life and makes for a relaxing day trip.

To the north of Ioannina is the Zagoria region with its slate houses and superb views. Vikos Gorge is one of the most trekked passes in Greece, ending at the traditional village of Monodendri and its 15th century monastery. There are extensive hiking trails in the region for those looking for adventure holidays.

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