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General info on Hydra in Greece

Hydra Island: Holidays & Vacation Packages - Info on Hydra Island in Greece

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Hydra island's main drawcard is that there are no motor vehicles on the island. To get around the main town you have two options, you can go by donkey, or you can go on foot – the island’s only motorised vehicles to be seen are garbage trucks and construction vehicles. Consequently, hydra-island is not a very big town and it has kept its charm.

Enter hydra-island port is an experience. From the rocky shores, the ferry rounds a bend and the down, built on the hills surround the port, unfolds in front of you, an expanse of white houses and lanes waiting to be explored.

Once known for its springs, the hydra-island’s wells were closed in the mid twentieth century after earthquakes damaged the supply. During the War of Independence the island was ignored by the Turks and many sought sanctuary there, and as the land was barren, a ship building industry prospered.

The island has played home to many looking to escape the fast pace of the city. In the 1950s the film Boy on a Dolphin was filmed on the island, and ever since an array of artists, writers and celebrities set up home on this little island off the Peloponnesian coast.

The town, built into the hill behind the port, has an old world charm about it. The busiest streets are near the waterfront, but wandering up the hill there are narrow stepped streets to enjoy and explore, especially during the siesta when the ambiance of the narrow streets is at its best.

Because there is no transportation on the island, getting anywhere is impossible unless you are prepared to walk. There are a number of monasteries in the hills beyond the town, both over an hour’s hike away, but worthwhile for the views and the sense of history they provide.

hydra-island is also home to a Rebetiko conference every October.

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