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Greek Island Hopping Tours
Greek Island Hopping Tours

Greek Island Hopping Tours & Cruises - One Day Greek Islands Tour - Cruise Packages to Saronic Islands, Poros, Hydra, Aegin

Daily Greek Island Tours & Cruises at three Saronic Islands: Poros, Hydra, Aegina
PiraeusOnce you arrive at Piraeus, our officers and hostesses will welcome you and assist you on embarkation in our who luxury cruise boat. You may select to be seated at the Main Lounge, where you will enjoy a live orchestra show or relax at the comfortable open decks and take in the marvelous views of the sea. Our showman will be there too to entertain you during the cruise and keep spirits at their highest. 

We set sail for our one day Greek Islands Tour Cruise at 8.15 am, for the most beautiful islands of the Saronic.

The schedule of our Greek Islands tour is as follows. We will first visit Poros, then Hydra and next Aegina, or the order might change to Aegina, Poros and then Hydra. The order doesn’t affect the duration of our stay on the islands.

PorosRight after departure you will be invited in one of the lounges so as to be given information about the ship, our Greek islands tour itinerary and the islands, allowing your to make any questions you may have. After a two-hour sail you will arrive in Poros, the smallest of the Saronic islands, yet one of the most verdant. From the ship you will admire the wonderful vista of the main town with the traditional houses, where you spend about 50 minutes to take a taste of this beautiful town.

Upon departure from Poros, the first sitting of lunch is served. The remaining guests the remaining guests may wind down in the saloon or soak up the sun and the wonderful views of the sea from the deck, as we head to Hydra. We will reach Hydra after about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Hydra is one of the quaintest islands of the Saronic with a picturesque amphitheatrically built town. Admire the interesting architecture of the old stone houses and mansions of this historical island from the deck and once you disembark, venture to town. You will discover narrow cobbled streets ideal for a nonchalant stroll or a donkey ride. Walk along the seafront at the port and take in the inspiring atmosphere enhanced by the shimmering waters, lovely cafés, artistic crafts shops that will carry you away.

HydraYou will stay in Hydra for about 1 hour and 30 minutes to discover its charming beauties and when you return onboard the tables will be set for the second sitting of lunch, so as to sample the delicacies our chef has created for you.

After your meal you will sit back and enjoy the show of our live orchestra and the songs of Garo, while you will be entertained by Jeannot.

Our Greece cruise includes Greek dancing lessons, so get ready to be taught the art of Greek dancing by Apostolos and his team of professional dancers. After a two-hour trip we arrive to our last stop, the charming island of Aegina. Aegina is the largest among the three islands we have visited with a plethora of sights to be visited.  So, we are glad to propose to you three different tours you can take on the island.

AeginaYou can join a guided bus tour of the island that will take you to the Temple of Aphaia, literally the best preserved ancient temple in Greece built on top of a verdant hill and providing a unique panorama of the Saronic Gulf, Piraeus and the island of Salamina. This temple is one of the 3 ancient temples forming the renowned Sacred Triangle of Greek antiquity. Next comes a visit to the beautiful Byzantine-style Church of Saint Nectarios, where our guide will narrate you the story of the site and the saint’s life. Return to the port where you can wander around, do some shopping and take in the views.

AeginaThe second tour is Panoramic Bus Tour of Aegina. You will be driven across the island without stopping at the archeological sites, yet you will admire the natural wonders of this verdant island. We will pass by the medieval capital of Paleohora, the Church of Saint Nectarios, the pistachio groves, and many other sites. At the end of the tour we will stop at the seaside where you can unwind for a while and relish a glass of ouzo along with a selection of delicious “Mezedes”, traditional style appetisers.

You can purchase tickets for these tours on board and have the chance to discover the magnificent island of Aegina.

Your third option is to stay around the port area, sit back and relax in one of the coastal cafés after you have been on a horse-carriage ride around the town.

Of course that’s not where our Greece cruise ends!

Once you get onboard you will watch a traditional Greek folk show with singers and dancers wearing authentic costumes from various areas of Greece. And don’t forget that our officers, hostesses and our entertainer Jeannot will be around until the moment we dock at Pireaus striving you having a wonderful time.

We wish you a warm farewell and we look forward to meeting you again on one of the Greek Island Tours & Cruises planned for you by Antelope Travel!

This one day Greece cruise to Poros, Hydra, and Aegina includes lunch aboard the ship, pick up and drop off at your hotel. Be confident that this is one of the most enjoyable Greek Island Tours you will ever take.

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