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General info about Evia in Greece

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Evia is the second largest island in Greece, but it is often viewed as part of the mainland with its proximity so close to the eastern mainland coast. It is often a part of the country overlooked by tourists – Athenians see Evia as a place for weekend breaks, and as a stop on the way to the Sporadic Islands, but the mountainous inland and a bridge at Halkida spanning the Evian Gulf, makes access to this part of the country effortless. The gulf is an enigma in itself, with the currents in the narrow channel changing anything up to ten times a day – even Aristotle noted this phenomena.
The island is close to 100 kilometres long, with a mountainous spine down the middle. It is best explored by car, as transport in the island is sporadic at best. With such a diverse geography the island offers not only quiet beaches and quaint fishing villages, but hiking, skiing and trekking through the centre. Evia's other claim to fame are the island’s hot springs, found at near the base of Evia’s highest point, Mount Dirfys, and at Edipsos, where the sulphurous waters have been aiding people for centuries. Culturally, Evia has a lot to offer the modern tourist. Halkida, the main town on the island is the administrative centre. Eretria is the second largest town, a very important town in ancient history as the home to a philosophy school. Today, the town has a fascinating archaeological museum and ruins of a theatre, ancient houses and temples.
The towns in the hills are there to be explored, such as Kymi, on the eastern coast, built into a cliff on top of a natural harbour. In the north, the village of Prokopi is the site of pilgrimage on 27 May in honour of St John. Karystos, in the south, is home to a ruined Venetian fortress and the place where Karystian marble was once mined for its purity. Even though Evia is off the regular tourist routes, it is a worthwhile place to visit to see Greece at its most beautiful, rustic and diverse.
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