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Egypt Holiday Packages Mysterious, Mesmerizing, and Groovy

Egypt Holiday Packages - Egypt Luxury Holidays - Egypt Holidays - Luxury Tours in Egypt

Here at Antelope Travel, we offer just about any type of Egypt holiday package imaginable. In fact, the options are as diverse as the country itself. Our Egypt Luxury Tours treat you to private limousine service to and from your hotel, friendly and knowledgeable multilingual guides, transfers; cruise and airline tickets for extended tours, hotel accommodations and meals. Each feature in all of our Egypt Holiday Packages is designed with your interests, desires and budget in mind.

Picture it: an effortless fusion of hippie-like serenity and resort elegance. This is a place where granola-munchers, tie-dyed T-shirts, 1960's love beads and diehard backpackers cheerfully rub elbows with fine dining, chic hotels and boutiques; and Western families on holiday. This Egyptian nirvana is called Dahab, which translates as "gold," and would make a fabulous addition to your Egypt Luxury Package. Take a quick stroll, a jeep ride or, if you prefer, hop on a camel to experience some of the Red Sea's most outstanding dive sites.

In contrast, Alexandria, with its elegant architecture, and splendid piazzas, delicious coffee and melt-in-your mouth pastries has an irresistible old charm that keeps its visitors enchanted. Alexandria is an undemanding and tranquil city to explore, and would integrate a day of calm and relaxation into your dream holiday in Egypt.

No two-ways about it: Cairo is a must-see. The city is a paradox of growing pains, a mesmerizing Islamic medieval era, and the 4000-year time-warp you will experience at the Giza Pyramids. Add to that the infinite wealth of ancient Egyptian antiquities at Cairo's foremost museum. Egypt Holiday without a visit to Cairo is like chai without French pastry.
If by chance one of our many holiday packages does not include a particular sight or activity that you have your heart set on, don't despair! We can always design a customized Egypt Holiday Package for you. Contact us today and we will plan your dream excursion together!

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