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Egypt & Greece Tours Of Bedouins and Bouzouki

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It doesn't get any better than this: A combination tour of two exotic and ancient travel destinations; each with a charm and exquisite beauty unique unto themselves. Both, Greece and Egypt are blessed with an abundance of colorful, rich histories; and brimming with priceless antiquities and ancient ruins. Further, these are the birthplaces of democracy, the arts and philosophy. A once in a lifetime, dream come true combination tour of Egypt and Greece is clearly a cultural smorgasbord created to delight the senses and stimulate the mind like nothing else!

Leave it at Antelope Travel to design this fabulous array of distinctive Greek and Egyptian Tours. As usual, we will take care of the details such as flights, accommodations, reservations, car rental, tickets to whatever shows, museums, or ferries that are necessary. All you have to do is decide which sights, cities, and activities you are interested in, when you plan to travel and the length of your vacation. The experts at Antelope Travel will design an Egypt and Greece tour within your budget that is sure to please!

Now, the trick is deciding what to include in your itinerary. From the bustling souqs and resplendent museums of Cairo to the quaint cobblestone paths and dazzling shores of Santorini; from camel riding with Bedoins to enjoying bouzouki music and smashing plates on the floor in an Athens taverna - your Greece and Egypt tour can include (or exclude) all this and more!
Perhaps a visit to the Red Sea and Mt Sinai appeals to you. The charm and elegance of Alexandria are beyond compare, as are the spectacular Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens.
There is so much to see and do on an Egypt and Greece tour! Whatever cities you choose to visit, you can't help but have a wonderful vacation!

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