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Info on Delphi

Info on Delphi Greece - Tours & Travel to Delphi Town

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Delphi, nestled high up in the mountains north of Athens, is one of the most remarkable places in the world. A visit to Greece is incomplete without visiting here, especially for those interested in history and mythology. It is a mysterious, awe-inspiring place, quite unlike any other historical site in the country. Nestled on the slopes of Mount Parnassos two hours drive from the city it is well worth the day trip to see one of mythology’s most revered locations.

The town of Delphi is unremarkable, and caters for the large number of tourist who come to see the ancient site. The streets, lined with tourist shops and restaurants, cater for tourists. Overnight visitors can experience the vibrant nightlife that comes apparent after 9 pm.

Ancient Delphi, the ruins of the sanctuary and the museum are situated a just out of the town and open from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm daily. Tickets can be bough separately for entry to the site and the museum, the latter is well worth the visit as it gives excellent detail on the site and the oracle, as well as holding a fascinating collection excavated by archaeologists over the last 150 years.

The sanctuary was dedicated to a number of the Greek Gods over time, but became the seat of Apollo after the Mycenaean period. Delphi was the home to the Delphic Oracle, a very important part of ancient life. The oracle, a priestess from the site, would be consulted for all manner of things, from household troubles, to questions of war. She was the earthly voice of the Gods, who’s utterances at the chasm would be translated by priests on site. It was also a place of great celebration, as in winter, Dionysos, the God of Wine was venerated on the site.

A tip for visitors to Delphi is to arrive early and start from the top of the hill, and take a bottle of water, especially if you are visiting in summer. Taking the steps up the sacred way, you arrive at the Sanctuary of Apollo, where the well-preserved theatre and temple are situated. This incredible set of ruins leave visitors amazed at their complexity and in awe of the sophistication of the ancient world. In this beautiful mountain setting, it is hard to leave Delphi without feeling a sense of wonder.

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