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General info about Astypalea in Greece

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Astypalea’s castle at the top of the town is a stark reminder of the history of the most western of the Dodecanese Archipelago. This green and hilly island, shaped like a butterfly, is one of the quieter islands of the group, but it has a much to offer tourists, with its safe beaches and wide, varied culture. The island is very popular with the local population, but this should not deter international travellers.

The island has two main sections, joined by a narrow strip in the middle. The main town, or Hora is on the island’s southeast and the island’s main beaches are south of the town. Within the town, there are some great restaurants and tavernas showing off the best of authentic Greek cuisine.

The most striking element of the Hora is the castle that stands proud on top of the hill. Built by the Venetians at the time of the Knights Templar, the town’s population used to live within its walls. Today, the whitewashed village surrounds the castle, spilling down to the port and invites the visitor to explore this bastion, and look over the windmills that line the hilltop. The castle has been uninhabited since the 1940’s and most of the houses are in ruins, but it is a wonderful place to explore.

Besides the beaches and the castle, there are other historical sites there for exploration. At Maltezana, near the airport, there are the remains of some Roman baths. To the north, the village, at Vathy Lake, with it’s pristine beaches, though the rough hewn road is not for the faint hearted.

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