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Skyros - Greece vacations

Skyros is the largest and most isolated of the Sporades Islands, located in the centre of the Aegean Sea. The island has two distinct sections; the north of Skyros is filled with trees, a green lush expanse, while the south is a barren collection of rocks. Itís an island where ponies run wild and many old and noteworthy traditions are maintained, the Lenten Festival in late February is one of the most bizarre celebrations found in Europe. Skyros is a place where the ancient meets modern and traditional meets new age.

The main town is made up of two three major areas, Magazia and Molos are resorts at the north end of the town, a long sandy beach joining the two sections. The real draw to Skyros Town is the way that it rises out of the sea onto a rocky outcrop. The red-roofed, whitewashed houses appear to cling to the rocks, the streets winding around like a labyrinth, until it reaches a castle on the top of the bluff. Itís a town to wonder about at a relaxed place, talking in its stark beauty.

Around the island are some wonderful beaches, but these need to be hunted out. Being a large island, itís prudent to rent a car or scooter to see what the island has to offer, although the islands buses are good and frequent. There are a number of monasteries to visit, and the islandís stark South should be seen. As Skyros is one of the quieter islands, it is a place where one can become lost in the stark, effusive scenery.

Skyros is also has a reputation alternative centre, with many yoga schools, arts centres, holistic spas and fitness clubs. With itís traditional and alternative reputation, it is also very popular with single female travellers for a stress free vacation.

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