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General info about lesvos in Greece

lesvos travel - Vacation in lesvos - information on Lesvos Island, Greece

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lesvos, or Mytilini as the Greek population knows it, is the third largest of the Greek islands, home to some of the best olive oil in Greece and a massive amount of tourism. Itís inland mountainous area, fertile south and east and rocky, moon-like western region with its petrified forest give the island a great deal of variety and there is plenty for the modern tourist to enjoy.

Mytilini Town, on the islandís east overlooking the Turkish coast is a large, modern city, and unlike many other island towns, has the look and feel of a modern city. The bustling waterfront and harbour have a large number of bars and clubs, and behind the seafront there are narrow streets filled with an amazing array of shops. Mytilini has some of the best shopping in Greece. The back streets of the town have an incredible range of jewellery, antique, ceramic and cake shops. Food is good and plentiful on the island, and caters for everybody from those wishing to experience traditional Greek fare to modern gourmet styles of food. The ouzeries dot the streets and happily cater for holidaymakers looking for an authentic Greek night out.

To the east of the town is the Byzantine castle, built in the 14th century that appears to stand watch over the town. There are a number of good museums worth a visit, including the Theophilos Museum dedicated to the islandís most famous painter. The Church of Agios Therapon is unmissable from the main port and has a remarkable interior worth a visit.

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As the island is so large, itís best to hire a car or bike to see the best of what the island has to offer. Molyvos (Mithymna) is nearly 70 kilometres north of Mytilini and remains a traditional village, complete with its traditional houses and a Genovese Castle overlooking the Aegean Sea. Quieter and less populated that Mytilini it demonstrates how island life used to be. The town of Petra, to the south of Molyvos, is perched on a rock. Now a resort town, with a good beach, tourists marvel at the cliff behind the town on which sits a small church, worthy of the climb. These towns have been preserved and make no concessions for modern buildings, ensuring that the unique ambiance of these places remains.

To the west of the island the landscape becomes more barren, as the trees disappear and rocky outcrops replaces the trees and farms of the north and east. The petrified forest of Sigri is located here, an intriguing collection of fossilised tree stumps that populate the location. Bus tours to the region can be purchased from Mytilini. The beaches on this side of the island are remarkable and much quieter that those found in the North and East.

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To the south of the island the mountains and lakes are found. lesvos is a popular destination for hikers, birdwatchers and trekkers, and the walks in this part of the island are magnificent. The south is also where the quieter and more family friendly resorts are located, catering for those who are looking for a more peaceful and relaxing holiday. The Village of Agiosos is worthy of a visit, sitting on the slopes of Mount Olympos it has some interesting artisan workshops. The winding streets of the town are scenic but the town retains its charm despite the number of tourists who come to visit.

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lesvos is also known as the birthplace of the poet Sappho, whose writings on feminine love are famous the world over. Eresos in the islandís west, the town of her birth is a point of pilgrimage to many.

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