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General info about Andros in Greece

Andros travel - vacation in Andros - information for Andros Greece

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Andros is the most northern and second largest of the Cyclades Islands, just a short trip from Athens, and a mere 10 kilometres from Evia, a lush haven away from the touring masses, green, mountainous and often overlooked by tourists. The island is the perfect foil to the busy and more visited islands of the group, being the perfect destination for families and those looking to escape the clubs and bars, opting for a quieter, more traditional location, or those looking to make use of the watersport facilities without the crowds.

The island is home to pine forrests and mulberry woods as well as a lot of other agricultural concerns, and because of this, Andros has kept much of its rural charm. Verdant and lush, the island has many good walking tracks and scenic drives. The beaches on the island are wonderful, with goldens sand and calm, warm waters, and as there is less package tourism on the island than others in the Cyclades, they tend to be quieter and less crowded.

Gavrio is the main port on Andros, servicing ferries to Piraeus, Rafina and other islands in the group. Once a fishing village, the town is now the centre of tourism on the island. To the south of Gavrio is Batsi, another old fishing town that has retained more of its charm and is also home to many tourists, Between the two towns there are a number of sandy beaches there for discovery. Andros Town is on the other side of the island, build on a penisula, but with no direct ferry links. The town is built on a peninsula and has a medieval charm to it, with a mix of architecture styles gracing the waterfront. The archeological museum and the Museum of Modern Art are noteworthy.

Apart from the magnificent scenery and great beaches, there are a number of sites to visit on the island. The watchtower at Agios Petros has been there since Hellenistic times and stands guard over the bay. There are at number of monasteries to visit, some only accessible by foot. The Moni Panahrandou is the the most important of the islands monastic sites, and a solid two hour walk from the nearest town.

Andros’ charm lies in its simplicty and hilly, green beauty. Whether you hire a car and exploring the island, or just relax on one of the many serene beaches, there is something for everybody on this often overlooked island.

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