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General info about Anavyssos in Greece

Anavyssos travel - vacation in Anavyssos - information for Anavyssos Greece

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Anavyssos is located 40 kilometres south-west of Athens towards the Saronic Gulf, linked to the city by a major motorway. It’s also a short trip from the new airport.

Anavyssos’s location and new resort hotels make the town a popular destination for conferences and large groups who want the best of Attica whilst avoiding the busy Athens city centre. The town has a friendly, tourist-friendly atmosphere, and there are regular buses to the city for those wanting to experience the wonders of Athens.

A number of hotels and resorts have been developed in the area, catering for all types of tourists. The town itself is two kilometres inland from the beaches.. Anavyssos Beach is has it’s own resorts, making to most of the clear, sandy bay. There are a number of restaurants and bars at the beach, and the view across the Saronic Gulf to Aegina is spectacular.

Although there is little of noted archaeological or historical in the near vicinity to the town, it is worth noting that the Anavyssos Kouros, one of the most famous pieces of Greek sculpture was found in the town’s cemetery. The kouros is housed in the National Archaelogical Museum in Athens, and a mandatory trip for all tourists.

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