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General info about Alexandroupolis in Greece

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Alexandroupolis is the most northern of all the Greek cities. It is a modern city, close to the Turkish border, and on Greek terms, short on history. It isn’t known as a tourist town, more a place to stop when on the way to the Northern Aegean Islands and Turkey, but this does not discount it as a place to visit. Alexandroupolis is a wonderful spot to use as a base when discovering Thrace and Northern Greece.

What was once a fishing village, Alexandroupolis has only been a city since the start of the 19th Century, developed when the railway line was put through to Turkey. It is now a thriving city, popular with the people of Northern Greece. As a tourist destination in summer, it caters for all. The Ecclesiastical Art Museum is one of the best of its type in the world.

Alexandroupolis makes a great base for exploring Northern Greece. The village of Didymotiho is home to an ancient citadel and large mosque, a fantastic village to walk around and take in the different ambience. The towns of the north have far more Turkish influence and this is evident in the architecture and culture of the region.

The port is the nearest to the island of Samothrace (Samothraki) a small, but very important island. In ancient times, the Anatolians from the north, and settlers from Lesbos from the south, settled the island, mixing their cultures and religions. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods is listed by the United Nations on the World Heritage List. The Winged Venus (Nike) of Samothrace, currently on display in the Louvre is one of the most famous statues on the world.

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