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General info about Aegina in Greece

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Aegina is the largest of the Saronic islands and the island closest to Athens, so close that many live on the island and commute to the city for work. On the weekends, Aegina is full of people trying to escape the capital, Aegina town becoming a thriving tourist haunt filled with people relaxing by the seaside.

Aegina has played an integral part in Greece's history over the years. Being so close to Athens it has always had a strategic trading role, gaining wealth throughout the ages by dealing with people like the Egyptians and Phoenicians. The 'turtle' coins minted on the island around 1000 BC are believed to be some of world's first currency.

After the War of Independence, between 1827 and 1829 Aegina was Greece's first temporary capital, and following tradition, the first coins of the newly liberated city were minted here.

Today, Aegina Town is the main tourist area, although ferries also service the towns of Souvala and Agia Marina. The town is lively, especially on weekends when visitors can wander down the port, have a meal and watch the boats in the harbour. Aegina is not known for its beaches, but there are some historical sites worth visiting out of the main town. The Temple of Apollo, out from the main town is all that remains of a large acropolis. Further inland the Temple of Aphaia stands and a model of Doric engineering. Once decorated with friezes depicting the Trojan War, these sculptures are now found in a museum in Munich, but the temple is still impressive.

The ruins at Paleohora are also worth visiting, the buildings; in various states of repair show some great examples of frescoes. The monastery at Moni Agiou Nektariou is a place of pilgrimage for many Greeks, Saint Nectarios being the last canonised saint of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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